About Us

We are a design agency with a difference. We're direct, transparent and - believe it if you will - not wrapped up in a bubble of our own self-importance (harder than it sounds in this industry).

Originally founded in Perth, Australia we now operate from Bangalore, India where we provide high quality, offshore creative production services to small and medium sized businesses in Australia and elsewhere. That includes web development, graphic design, branding identity, marketing collateral & content production.

We know many business are getting burnt by dodgy local designers and developers, or find themselves having to choose between more expensive local agencies, or unaccountable offshore alternatives.

Well, we're telling you - it doesn't have to be like that. You need strong solutions that perform in the market, and you need professional, reliable service that you can trust to understand and deliver. That's us.

Our clients are businesses and individuals who are comfortable working with remotely located service providers, and who value the additional skills & expertise that it gives them access to.

This includes advanced digital composition, custom illustration, bespoke creative techniques and hand-painted artwork that make it possible for us to deliver distinctive visual identities and arrestingly unique marketing collateral at reasonable prices.

What's Our Story?

Bracket began when Joshua Carmody moved from Perth to Bangalore. Here, at the heart of India's IT sector (known as 'Silicon Plateau') he saw an opportunity to create a design agency that combined local technical skills, with his own expertise in design and creative thinking, and those of partner, Shem Spina, whose experience working for one of Perth's largest promotional marketing companies expanded Bracket into a comprehensive branding & creative agency.

Who we are

Josh Carmody

Digital Director
  • Bangalore, India

  • Website & ecommerce development; content marketing

Shem Spina

Print Director
  • Perth, Australia

  • Print design & production management; marketing & promotional merchandise

Usama Mushtaq

Software Engineer
  • Islamabad, Pakistan

  • Coding & Implementation, PHP, HTML, Java etc.


Web Developer
  • Mohali, India

  • Coding & Implementation, PHP, HTML, Java etc.

Why You Should Choose Us

There are thousands of web designers to choose from, so why us?

100% Custom Design

When we design you a website it's always going to be completely unique to your business and brand. Our designers ensure that you get the exact look that you want and need. We give you our 100% no template guarantee.

Responsive Design

We include responsive design in every one of websites because you absolutely need a website that gives an optimal experience to mobile and tablet computer browsers. Read more about why responsive design is so important.

Upfront Design Mockup

We provide you with a website concept right upfront. That way you don't get any nasty surprises and can be involved in the design process. You'd be surprised how many designers don't provide this simple and elementary service.

10 Days Turnaround

We work on a turnaround time of ten working days, not counting any time spent waiting for client responses. However on occasions when clients have required rapid development to meet deadlines we've turned websites around as quickly as 4 days!

Website Warranty

All our websites come with a 12 month warranty, meaning we ensure that they remain in exactly the state they we handed them over to you in. After 12 months a more limited warranty applies, with maintenance options available for purchase.

It's all About the Details

The shonky designer 90% does of the job and hopes you won't notice. But here's the truth all decent developers understand: design is in the details. That's how we operate and it shows in the work we produce.

We Don't Take Hostages!

We hate it when designers try to lock clients into their own systems, be it domain name registration, hosting, propriety software or platforms. We never want you to feel like you're being held to ransom. Trust us, it does happen!

Peace of Mind

We get so many clients who've had a bad experience with website designers and are just so relieved to be dealing with someone who's actually contactable, reliable and willing to spend the time taking their website to the next level.

SEO & Social Media

We build our websites according to the requirements of Google and other search engines to ensure good rankings. We also have expertise in the latest social media marketing and engagement strategies.

Browser Compatibility

There are dozens of different internet browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. We always test our websites extensively to ensure that they work correctly across all of them and you don't get any nasty surprises.


We don't just provide the website, we also also give the necessary education, support and resources for you to manage your website yourself. We want you to get the most out of your online investment.

The Skills You Need

We support all the major development platforms and languages, including HTML, PHP and JQuery and work with popular content management systems like Joomla, WordPress and Volusion.