Branding Identity

It's the face you show a crowded market

A brand is the emotional perception of your business or organisation by others. When we speak of 'branding' it is to describe the process by which specialised techniques such as advertising are used to favourably influence the consumer perception of your business or product. Your brand identity is the different visual components that form your overall brand. This includes, but is not limited to, your business logo.

What are the Components of a Brand identity?



Background research will reveal opportunities within the market for your business or organisation. The range and quality of products or services you provide, the prices you charge, the audiences you are targetting -- these all determine your brand positioning.


Visual Identity

This is both your logo and all the visual elements associated with it. They take the form of a visual 'toolbox' comprising typefaces, colours, materials, textures & graphics and will be drawn upon in the creation of marketing and business collateral.


Messages & Tone of Voice

Your tone of voice is conveyed by your brands' written communication across websites, brochures, social media, emails and packaging, including slogans and tag-lines. Your tone is an expression of the personality, values and people behind your brand.



Consistent branding reinforces customer recognition, differentiates you from competitors and demonstrates an overall higher level of professionalism. Brand consistency becomes crucial as companies grow and is usually achieved by creating brand guidelines.

Your brand identity is much more then just a logo, however it can take time to develop a full brand identity, and for many businesses a logo is often the best place to start. A carefully designed logo is the first step towards expanding your brand identity across print and digital mediums.


Our Branding Services

  • Research & strategy
  • Name brainstorming
  • Development of branding guidelines
  • Brand audits
  • Logo design
  • Brand consolidation

Business Branding Packages



This is for the price-concious small business or sole-trader serving a local market.

  • Website design & development
  • Design of business cards and letterheads
  • Printing of 250 business cards and letterheads
  • Web and email hosting
  • Domain name registration
  • Design of an email signature



This is for the small business looking for more control over the design process and a more competitive branding presence to stand out in the market and drive customer sales.

  • Website design & development
  • Design of business cards, letterheads, with comps slips and envelopes
  • Printing of 1000 business cards, letterheads, with comps slips and envelopes
  • Design of an email newsletter template
  • Web and email hosting
  • Domain name registration
  • Design of an email signature
  • Commercial typefaces and licensed stock imagery


This package is currently under development.

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